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3DDD – Collection 1 ( 11 GB )

In this part of the site, we set up a collection of three-dimensional 3D-quality models and free of charge from the famous 3dsky company. This collection includes more than 500 objects of furniture, chairs, kitchen appliances, sculptures, sarveston, beds, parquet accessories Baby accessories, health care, mirrors, decorations, doors and windows, …

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40GB interiorl scenes from 3D66 vol 3

Collection No. 3 was made from the spectacular, high-quality 3D scenes from the 3D66 company specifically in the softwares. These scenes are on a variety of topics such as hallway corridor – restaurant – hotel suite – office and …. All scenes are designed in 3ds Max and Vray. As you can see …

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64GB interior scenes from 3D66 vol. 2

Dear visitor of Soft Maker, With Number 2 of the most popular and popular collection, I am in charge of the internal 3D66 scene created with Vray. The first part of this series, which is more than 50 gigabytes, can be downloaded here . . This enormous package that includes 64GB of internal …

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50GB interior scene from 3D66 vol 1

    Dear visitors softball maker, a collection of scenes very large internal 3D66 are designed with Vray, I’ll bring you up. It includes scenes: living room American style, bedroom European-style, modern bedroom, modern living room Fusion, living room modern style, with 25 models, flower pots, 25 models of outdoor furniture, …

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