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Vray Materials Bundle 2017

Download a huge collection of Vray materials for everyday work, architectural and subject renderings, interior design – 2658 pieces. Includes: Architecture Automotive Cloth Food Glass Liquid Metal Organic Others Plastics Special Effects SSS Special Stone Transparent Unrealistic V-Ray 1.50 Special V-Ray Fur Wood Recommended software: 3ds Max 2017, V-ray 3.40.03 and …

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_Element 3D: The.Pixel.Lab-Material.Pack.for.E3D. The.Pixel.Lab-Low.Poly.Scenery.Pack.for.E3D. The.Pixel.Lab-Earth.and.Globes.Pack.for.E3D. The.Pixel.Lab-Technology.Pack.for.E3D.rar The.Pixel.Lab-Video.Production.Pack.for.E3D. The.Pixel.Lab-Financial.Pack.for.E3D. The.Pixel.Lab-Music.Pack.for.E3D. _RedShift: The.Pixel.Lab-Redshift.Material.Pack. Octane: The.Pixel.Lab-Octane.Lighting.Essentials. The.Pixel.Lab-Octane.Texture.Pack.Pro. The.Pixel.Lab-PXL.DIRT.Rig.for.Octane. The.Pixel.Lab-Material.Pack.for.Octane. The.Pixel.Lab-Pro.Mats.Vol.1. _Plugins / Generators: The.Pixel.Lab-PXL.DIRT.Rig.for.Octane. The.Pixel.Lab-Hide.and.Seek.Plugin.for.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Pipes.Generator. The.Pixel.Lab-Air.Duct.Generator. The.Pixel.Lab-Scaffold.Rig.for.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Image2Plane.2.0. _Cinema 4D: The.Pixel.Lab-Material.Pack.for.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Procedural.Material.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Earth.and.Globe.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Tech.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Low.Poly.Scenery.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Hide.and.Seek.Plugin.for.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Low.Poly.Explainer.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Events.and.Venues.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Graphs.and.Charts.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Scaffold.Rig.for.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Events.Exhibition.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Events.Exhibition.Pack.2.0.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Industrial.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Industrial.Pack.2.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Pro.Mats.Vol.1.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Video.Board.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Video.Production.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Designers.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Trailer.Text.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Sports.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Soccer.Pack.For.C4D. The.Pixel.Lab-Medical.Pack.For.C4D. …

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Download Environment Media for Keyshot

Ready material in Keyshot A set of K-Shot environment materials, we provide cloud-keyed pages with HDZ extensions for your softwares. Come with the softwares. Download this collection to your computer’s speed. Title: Keyshot Cloud All Environments Size: 1. 1 GB Format: HDZ Software: Keyshot download links  

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Gumroad – VizPack: Modo Material Library

Gumroad – VizPack: Modo Material Library VizPack: Products is a collection of over 160 materials providing a range of detailed and physically accurate shaders to cover many different needs. With a focus on product renders the materials in this collection are general purpose materials representing the clean, unblemished materials required …

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Download CINEMA 4D standard material

CINEMA 4D Standard Materials This is a mega pack of all shared Cinema 4D standard materials, structured in one single library for your convenience to use in everyday workflow. Materials are places in the corresponding folder to quickly find you need. You need to place the file into your C4D user’s …

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Eyedesyn – Cel Shader Studio for Cinema 4D

Eyedesyn – Cel Shader Studio for Cinema 4D The very first Cel Shader pack for Cinema 4D & C4D Lite has arrived! Jam packed with over 900 beautiful procedural cel shader materials & numerous cel shader styles and overlays, this pack has every type of cel shader a Cinema 4D …

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