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Big Collection Of CGTextures 37 GB

Here’s a collection of CGTexture textures. This site is one of the most exuberant sites for downloading the textures. Here we have 37 gigabytes for download. This high volume package is packed for ease of download. This package includes quality bricks, buildings, concrete, fabric, food, land, grunge, man-made building, marble, …

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Quixel Megascans texture

Texture for Quixel Megascans Studio Quixel Megascans Studio   This application combines texture with each other (for example, texture of soil and stone) in a completely natural way. In this set of high quality 4x format textures and levels for Quixel Megascans We will prepare for the soft computerized guest. Each level …

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Download wall paper texture collection

In this exclusive suite of softwares, most of the exterior wall mural exterior colors have been collected. These textures are available in a variety of modern and classical formats in the collection. You can use this collection in your interior design and design. Stay tuned with softwares. Format Modes:   JPG    format. PNG     format. GIF format …

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Teach Megascans Studio for beginners

In this course, MegaScans introduces the use of sources and sources of Megascans to find and use base texture scans to create interesting dynamic materials. Students will appreciate the more intelligent color-based textures, visual properties of textures, and how to combine color-based textures. Also, how to use the megascans studio to …

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Download Full Collection of CG-Source HDRI

Contains all HDRI Maps from CG-Source downloads links Download CG-Source HDRI Part 1 Collection Download CG-Source HDRI Part 2 Collection Download CG-Source HDRI Part 3 Collection Download CG-Source HDRI Part 4 Collection Download the CG-Source HDRI Part 5 Collection  password : softsaaz.ir

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3K texture set from toptexture

In this top-notch collection of toptexture, functional touches for dear architects are: concrete, fabric, earth, grunge, marble, metal, stone, gypsum, tile, wood, wood flooring and more. The resolution of the textures is 3072 * 3072. All the textures have Disp, NRM and Spec. Stay tuned with softwares. Format Modes:   JPG format   …

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