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Gumroad – Daniel Thiger Melting Snow

Gumroad – Daniel Thiger Melting Snow Use this tutorial as a detailed step by step guide for how to recreate my Melting Snow from scratch. This tutorial follows a walkthrough format, where I go through how I built each of the components in the graph including: – Base Shapes – …

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The old village project for Unreal Engine 4

A collection of tripleA assets are carefully put together to easily create a medieval looking village or a small tow. First person, third person, side scroller or topdown you will not be disappointed by this entry. Includes: • (75) Modular pieces organized into 17 blueprints for extra ease of use …

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Grant Warwick – Mastering Lighting

Lighting is always one of the biggest challenges for CGI artists. In this part of the site, Mona Arch arranged another product from Mastering CGI for dear users. This is a suite of advanced 3D lighting training in English, of which 4 have been published so far. You will become familiar with all the …

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[UE4Arch] Riviera House

If I was to build a house for sure, this would be one of the main inspirations: a house with a modern design, a fantastic portico, pool and deck, an excellent garage, a pool view kitchen and a beautiful living room.This project had the challenge of creating a lightning that …

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Mike Kelley – Where Art Meets Architecture FULL After years of perfecting his unique “light painting with speedlights” technique, Mike Kelley has quickly become one of the most sought after architects and interior photographers around. Mixing artificial light, natural ambient light, and high powered strobe light, Mike’s images create a hyper …

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NURBS vs. Mesh modeling, Rhinoceros 3D GUI and basic use, installing Grasshopper®, Grasshopper® GUI, basic logic, components, parameters, inputs, numbers, simple geometry, referenced geometry, locally defined geometry, baking. -Data types, booleans, conditions, pick & choose. Introduction to lists, list item, cull item, sort, shift list, merge, patterns, dispatch, weave, list-based geometry: polyline, …

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