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3D66 INTERIOR 2017 – 1807 FILE 3DS MAX ( 279 Gb )

Compression capacity: 279 Gb (Compression: 55.8 G). Composed of 1807 3DS MAX FILE with 2016 image render lookup. File: 3DSMAX-2010, a few uses MAX 2009, 2012 (Suggested 3DS MAX 2016) – Vray, Texture, search images, lights … download  3D66 INTERIOR 2017- CATALOGUE.rar download links after purchase purchase from her below …

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40GB interiorl scenes from 3D66 vol 3

Collection No. 3 was made from the spectacular, high-quality 3D scenes from the 3D66 company specifically in the softwares. These scenes are on a variety of topics such as hallway corridor – restaurant – hotel suite – office and …. All scenes are designed in 3ds Max and Vray. As you can see …

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64GB interior scenes from 3D66 vol. 2

Dear visitor of Soft Maker, With Number 2 of the most popular and popular collection, I am in charge of the internal 3D66 scene created with Vray. The first part of this series, which is more than 50 gigabytes, can be downloaded here . . This enormous package that includes 64GB of internal …

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50GB interior scene from 3D66 vol 1

    Dear visitors softball maker, a collection of scenes very large internal 3D66 are designed with Vray, I’ll bring you up. It includes scenes: living room American style, bedroom European-style, modern bedroom, modern living room Fusion, living room modern style, with 25 models, flower pots, 25 models of outdoor furniture, …

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