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Download the ForestPack Pro 5.4 plugin for 3ds Max 2010-2018

Forrest Pack 5.4 plug for Max 2010 to 2018

Itoo Forest Pack Pro 5.2 is one of the most popular Terimax extensions to build and create vast surfaces of trees and plants to buildings, crowds, materials, land cover, rock, nature, …. If you can model it, Forrest Pack scatter. Itoo Forest Pack Pro 5.2 for Max 2010 to 2017. Distribution of millions of proxy, mesh and billboards high-poly, using shader and geometry customized, create scenes with a number of unlimited objects and polygons, including the main features of this plugin is powerful. Stay tuned with softwares.
Kirk Forrest Pack was updated on April 10, 2011
The main features of the powerful plugin Forrest Pack 5:
  • Supports Max 2010-2017 32-bit and 64-bit editions
  • Full support for all popular rendering engines
  • Forrest Pack’s Unlimited Nodes
  • Unlimited rendering nodes
  • Pristine library with plenty of materials to interact with a variety of libraries
  • Rendering Unlimited (Billion Billion, View Points-Cloud, Converting to Instance)
  • Geometry Support (Mesh and Proxy, Parametric Objects, Probability, Groups)
  • Rendering supports the timeline.
  • Area Aid (Including and Excluding Areas – Spline – Colorful Areas – Levels – Forrest Objects – Types of Geometry)
  • Supports Distribution Patterns
  • Follow the Geometry (Randomize – Control Using Maps) animation
  • The Add and Edit Individual Objects (Use Markers-Follow Splines)
  • Supports Vray version 3.4 and earlier versions
  • The Forest Lister tool is added to manage scenes that contain multiple Forrest objects. Includes a cabinet interface that enables / disable, hide / unhid, and select the objects of Forrest, display useful information and speed up the editing of their properties.
  • Forest Effects has been created to develop the capabilities of Forrest Pack by adding infinite possibilities for animation, random transformation, coloring, and so on. Similar to a scripting engine in which mathematical expressions apply to Forrest items. Effects can be created from a loading library, from an import file, or with your own expersions.
  • Added toolbars with shorter cuts for FP, Forest LOD, Forest Tools and Forest Lister objects
  • Added Edge mode to Mental Ray and Corona Render
  • Distribution Map and Clusters Multiple bridge models are identified with the same color ID.
  • And ….
Changes Version 5.2 Forrest Pack:
  • Bug fixes and problems with previous versions
  • Improve the Forest Effect effect to scatter items on displaced surfaces.
  • Fix the problem: Create duplicate names by importing library objects in the ‘forest_templates’ layer.
  • Fix alert error in Octane with disabled forest objects
  • Fix: Areas-> Paint tool when using large brush in precise areas
  • Fix: Update the first frame rendered by a ninety in Backburner jobs – Mental Ray
  • Adding the General-> Log level – Registering the Normal / Debug settings and additional information when rendering is stored and stored in the C: \ Users \\ AppData \ Local \ Autodesk \ 3dsmax \\ ENU \ Network \ Max.log folder. will be.
  • Added a log of render information in Mental Ray in the Rendering-> Render Message Window
  • Fix: Crash in V-Ray with Fake Shadows
  • Custom editing with the local axis instead of the object of Forrest’s axis in each item
  • Fix: Update the issue with Forest Edge
  • Fix: Crash on Terry Dix
  • Added support for long paths in registered configuration values
  • Fix: Material Library error in Corona



Download the Itoo Forest Pack Pro 5.4 plugin

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  1. Dear Everybody,

    the minute I downloaded this version and it works great. Thanks. When I start to offer to upgrade to Version 6.1, can I do this?

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