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AutoCAD 2018 Full Software Training Course

AutoCAD 2018 is a powerful design and editing software used to create 3D and 2D designs. This convenient course for beginners and the start of work with AutoCAD 2018 will be taught to you by the dear SoftSeekers. The instructor at Shaun Bryant teaches the basic interface, how to use ribbon, changing the workspace, using the ViewCube, and working with QuickBooks.
He also has other topics including how to manage files and options, how to navigate your drawings, how to draw and edit objects, how to accurately draw with Grid and Snap, using text and annotations to help others understand and refine their designs. And works with DWG files. This course prepares you completely for any industry: architecture, engineering, construction, production or product design. Stay tuned with softwares.

The main topics of the course:
  • Explore the interface
  • Use the ribbon, status bar and ViewCube
  • Open, save, and close files
  • Settings and conversion of drawing units
  • Navigating Drawings
  • Save and retouch the views
  • Design and modify objects
  • Accurate drawing
  • Reuse of content
  • Create output
  • Use PDF in AutoCAD


 Course Title: Lynda – AutoCAD 2018 Essential Training

 elementary level

 Total time of the course: 9 hours and 51 minutes

 Number of image files: 129

 Training year: 2017

 Workout file: Has

 Course coach: Shaun Bryant

 Software: AutoCAD 2018



Free Download Course – Season 1 – 3

Free Download Course – Chapter 4 – 6

Free Download Course – Chapter 7 – 10

Free Download Course – Chapter 11 – 17

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