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PolyDetail – Ornament Plugin for 3ds Max

polyDetail – Ornament Plugin for 3ds Max

PolyDetail is a 3dsMax plugin that helps you to quickly draw nice ornamnets with a mouse brush.

What’s new in V2 ?
New features:

SmoothStoke for clean strokes
Canvas for quickly sketching on a planar surface.
Added X,Y,Z Symmetry
Custom splines can be selected now for precision.
Added Turbosmooth with isoline display option.
UI improvements:

Added bulge value spinner
Added brush size spinner
Added SmoothStoke spinner
Added Turbosmooth enabled and isoline display options
Added x,y,z, symmetry feature
Added Custom path button
Added a button for canvas creation.
Bug fixes

Fixed turbosmooth problem when attaching the objects with isoline display selected.
Technical improvements and other bug fixes.

The only limit is your imagination.


Download size: 3 MB

Download the PolyDetail V2 plugin for 3ds Max


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  1. I have downloaded this polydetail six times now, but kept saying bad archive if I want to unzip it. I will really appreciate it, if it can be rectifi

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