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Download the NeatScatter v1.0 plugin for 3ds Max 2016 by 2020

 NeatScatter for 3ds Max

The plugin is used for scattering large amounts of objects over an area according to predetermined parameters. There is always one target object, and the scatter target area is determined by a texture. If you want to scatter over multiple objects, you must add a new NeatScatter object for each target in the scene.

The scattering is generated in groups. Each group can have different parameters and different models. The groups are generated sequentially, one after another, and the new models are placed in empty spaces without colliding with previous groups.

After the scattering is completed, the user can delete parts of it and regenerate the scattering in the empty space. The scattering can also be converted to a single mesh or to individual instances. Therefore, it can be used, among other things, with Modifiers or other native tools just like any other 3DS Max object. You can also choose to scatter procedural objects, particle sources or lights, which do not have a geometry and specify different objects as their collision mesh.

reset Loading / Saving 
Save your favorite settings as preset. Next time you choose your target, choose your preset, hit generate button and you are all set.

Scatter anything 
Use any objects from the library or from your scene by layers or selections. Adjust the probability of occurrence for each of them.

Model approximation 
Choose between a faster circle or a better convex hull approximation. Choose single-core to get the best fit or multi-core to get it done in seconds.

Supported render engines 
Naturally supported render engines: VRay and more to come… Apart from that, you can convert to mesh or real instances and then use any render engine you want.

 Download size: 25 MB

Download the NeatScatter v1.0 plugin for 3ds Max 2016 by 2020


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