Udemy – VFX: Complete Houdini Bootcamp

Udemy – VFX: Complete Houdini Bootcamp

This is the best selling Visual Effects Course.

You won’t find this course anywhere. 
No presentations, No time wasting, It’s all about doing and creating. 
This Course is a Projects based Course, so you will learn Houdini by creating effects !. 
This course is continually updated. 
Last update:

Creating organic shape (Some modeling stuff section). 
New features in Pyro FX in Houdini 17.5 
Creating Droplets “Condensation” in Houdini 17.5 (New features in Houdini 17.5 section) 
Creating your first Animation (Introduction to Houdini section) 
New Section: (RBD Material Fracture). 
New section: Introduction to Rigid bodies. 
Creating Spider Web (Some Modeling Stuff Section). 
Continuous Emitting (Intro to Vellum). 
Pressure constraint (Intro to Vellum). 
Attaching a cloth to an animated object (Intro to Vellum). 
Creating a flag using Vellum (Intro to Vellum). 
Why do you want to learn Houdini FX?

Houdini FX is a visual effects and 3D animation software like Maya or Blender, but what makes Houdini different and unique is the procedural system and it has a very powerful dynamic system that other software does not have. You will be amazed at how powerful this 3D application is .

Houdini is the number 1 3D application used in vfx, 3D animation studios and Game studios, Houdini can create high quality effects like water, explosions, fire and sand….

Houdini is now used by Big Game studios, saving them 100X of time by creating tools that are used in their Game Engine or in unreal engine or unity.

Knowing Houdini gives you a great advantage in the Game industry and in VFX companies.

If you are a Game developer you need to know at least a little bit about how Houdini works, this gives you a great advantage in Game studios. In my course I will just teach you how to use Houdini, not teaching you how to use it for games. After you watch my course then you will be able to learn how to use it for games and in game engines like unreal engine or unity. ie: I will not teach you how to use it for games, I will only teach you Houdini.

This course is very special, I will teach you how to use Houdini software to create interesting effects.

Although Houdini is difficult to learn software, but its very powerful, I will make it fun to learn and I will simplify everything for you.

Take the course now and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Is Houdini free software? Yes its free for non-commercial use, and it’s called Houdini apprentice. 
Is there any limitation in Houdini apprentice? No, you have all the tools that the paid version has, and you can render your shots too, but you will get a very small watermark at the bottom right of the image. 
I’m a game developer, do I need to learn Houdini? Yes, you must at least know the basics of Houdini.
How is Houdini used in Game studios? Say for example you have a game and you want to fill it with more than 1000 buildings, imagine how long this will take you right? But in Houdini you can create 1 building and then export it as a Digital asset (Plugin) to Unreal Engine or Unity, and in Unreal Engine you can scatter the building in your game and give random variation to each building, such as size, color , windows size, Height, width and so on…. Imagine how much time you saved! instead of creating 1000 buildings, you created just 1 building in Houdini.Not just buildings, this works for (sieges, tables, chairs, streets ……).

Who this course is for: 
Anyone wants to learn how to create visual effects from scratch. 
Game developers who want to power up their games using Houdini. 
Anyone who has the passion to learn Houdini.

 Course Title: Udemy – VFX: Complete Houdini Bootcamp

 average level

Total Course Time: 14 hours

 Number of image files: 151

 Year of training: 2019

 Exercise file: Has

Course instructor: Raffi Bedross

 Software: Houdini

Subtitle: No


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