Comprehensive Post Production Architecture Tutorials

Comprehensive Post Production Architecture Tutorials

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important note : this course in : Farsi language plz sure that before purchase it

Can i understand course if i am not Familiarity with Farsi language ? 

yes … this course is step by step with training more 10 project  from 0 to 100


 Course Title: Comprehensive Post Production Architecture Tutorials

Course level: introductory to advanced

Total course time: – 22 hours

 Number of video files: – 83

Number of sessions: 23 sessions

 Training year: 2020

 Exercise file: project files included with all png and brushes

Course Instructor: Milad Kambari

 software : – photoshop

How to receive: Download

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Who is this training pack useful for?

This training package is not useful for people who have no previous acquaintance with Photoshop, but if you are familiar with Photoshop in the initial and preliminary level, this package can be very useful  for you.

 What is the purpose of teaching different projects in the pack?

This pack has a wide range of projects, each of which is selected and taught with a specific purpose, so that there is no other project that you will not be able to post  production, although the world of techniques. Post-production is a boundless world.

What is the important advantage of post-production training pack?

The most important part of the training package is the exercises that are intended for you, knowing that a large part of achieving a good post-production post is the activity of your creative power, all the exercises that are intended for you. With an attitude to increase your ability and creativity.

How to train in Production Post Training Pack?

How to teach a pack is that it starts with the most basic points and gradually becomes more complex and difficult.

What are the important features of the post-production training pack along with the training videos?

⭕️ This pack is provided with open layer files, textures and brushes of all training projects.

⭕️ A huge collection of open layer files and PNG all the things you need for post‌ Production including, tree, human in different positions and…

… Description of topics such as Render Elements, Matte Shadow and…. Required for initial renderings, it has been trained with both the most widely used rendering engine on the market, Corona and Vray.

Summary of Production Post Training Pack Chapters Summary:

Introduction to Photoshop : In this section, the key points and tools of Photoshop in the production post are explained.

Preliminary points of post-production : This section includes 7 sessions, which is the first part of the training package. In this section, you will learn the basic and required points of post-production post.

Preliminary section: In this section, there are 5 training sessions that teach the required basic techniques for better understanding in a few small projects.

. Professional section: This part of the training, which is the largest and most important part of this pack, includes 11 lessons in which various professional projects have been taught.

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