MattSuess Ultimate Cloud & Sky Backgrounds Kit for Sky Replacement

MattSuess Ultimate Cloud & Sky Backgrounds Kit for Sky Replacement

My Ultimate Cloud & Sky Backgrounds Kit for Sky Replacement

Get 400 cloud & sky backgrounds to use for your own sky replacements, and also learn how to replace them !!

Here’s what you get!

A total of 400 High Resolution Files Files range from 7,000 pixels to 10,000 pixels in the largest dimension – the equivalent of a 35MP to 80MP camera.

Photos of Clouds and Even Some Stars The skies in this bundle include clouds from sunny days, stormy days with and without lightning, sunrise & sunset, as well as a few night sky & Milky Way photos.

Photos Can Work in Any Program These photos have been individually professionally edited by me and are ready to use in any photo editing program.

Free Bonus Training! I’ll have videos available showing how to organize this large collection, how to further enhance them, and how to use them using the new Sky Replacement feature of Luminar 4.

Who This Is For

Real Estate & Commercial Photographers

It never fails: the day the house or business property is scheduled to be photographed and you have nothing but boring blue skies. And the forecast is like that for the rest of the week! The client cannot wait and you cannot reschedule. So photograph it on that blue sky day and quickly replace the sky with one of these cloud backgrounds.

Travel & Vacation Photographers

For most travelers, you only have one week or one day or even just one hour at a particular location that you may never get a chance to be at again. Why let a boring sky ruin your photo? Use these sky backgrounds to breathe new life into your travel photos.

Creative Photographers, Illustrators, and Anyone Else Who Needs to Replace a Sky

This is the perfect collection for anyone who needs to improve their photos or graphic design with high resolution clouds and skies!

Matt, I think you are short selling your clouds.
It is mandatory for ANY photographer to have these, IMO. Not just real estate etc. Everyone that has been with PS longer than 5 minutes will be wondering what a new sky must do to their pic. Stock sky photos are ridiculous… expensive and in some cases low quality.
All of yours are superb. I maintain everyone your package needs. They are superb!
You have a done a terrific job, I love them.
If I can promote them for you, I will. Best thing since sliced ​​bread.

Which Programs Can I Use These In?

Any program that works with JPG files can open them, which means pretty much every graphics program out there.

But to do a sky replacement, you will most likely be using programs such as Photoshop, Luminar 4, Topaz Mask AI, ON1, or Affinity Photo.

Will the FREE BONUS Videos Teach Me How to Do Sky Replacement Using My Program?

This bundle includes free bonus videos on doing sky replacements using Luminar 4, which is one of the easiest programs to use for this technique. But even if you use another program, be sure to watch the videos to get valuable tips on replacing skies so they are not noticeable.

I may consider doing extra bonus videos using Topaz Mask AI and ON1 based on popular demand in the future.

Here is what the FREE BONUS Videos will cover in Luminar 4:

Organizing the 400 Cloud & Sky Backgrounds (9:31)

This video goes over how to organize all 400 of my cloud & sky photos. While a good portion of it is dedicated to organizing inside of Luminar 4, those who don’t use Luminar will still get some benefit from watching this video.

Sky Replacement 101 (22:23)

In this video I go over the basics of Sky Replacement using Luminar 4. Learn what all the sliders do and also learn about 3 key factors that go into making believable sky replacements.

Sky Replacement Color Casts in Luminar 4 (7:33)

Have you been noticing any color casts in your Sky Replacements when using Luminar 4? Maybe you are replacing a sky in your original photo with a blue sky & clouds overlay and you now have a color cast throughout your image? In this video I explain what’s going on.

Sky Replacement Advanced Techniques – Coming Soon!

In this last video I’ll show off some advanced techniques including water reflections, turning day into night, as well as some other tips & tricks I haven’t seen any else talking about.

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