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SnowFlow v1.8 Plugin for 3ds Max Win

SnowFlow v1.8 Plugin for 3ds Max Win

SnowFlow is a 3D Studio Max script/plugin that creates realistic snow with ease! You just pick an object and SnowFlow does the snow for you! Let the snow fall on your 3D objects and scenes with the click of a button.

self-explaining user interface with integrated help
one-click-solution in most standard situations
multiple snow methods for different needs
advanced settings to get the best out of SnowFlow
different reality levels to control object interference
preset system for a faster workflow
full control over the calculated mesh
network rendering with any network rendering solution
system unit check and conversion to achieve full snow details
autoTune options for better performance
caching system to prevent unnecessary recalculations
“SnowPlug” to stick objects into snow surfaces
“SnowPrint” to make footprints and things like that


This installation guide is in writing.

  1. Run 3D Max
  2. Drag and drop the Snow_flow_1_8.mzp file in the download folder into 3D Max software
  3. Or select the Snow_flow_1_8.mzp file from the Maxscript> Run Script menu
  4. Click the Install button
  5. Go to Customize User Interface and find the Snow flow file in the category section and create a toolbar
  6. Enjoy plugin installed 🙂


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