3D Models

PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle 2020

PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle Jan 2020


Abandoned Warehouse
Animated Shelter 3D model
Animated Wolf 3d model
Big rock 3d model 1
Bow-tie Businessman Walking Low-poly 3D model
Cgtrader – Alita Battle Angel 3D Model
Classic men’s clothing (max, fbx) 3D model
Collossus 3D model
Exterior building 3d model
Fantasy Weapon Set
Female Boxeur (max, fbx, obj) 3D model
Fortress in iceland 3d model
Harley Davidson Road King
Iron girl 3d model
Light Mech #2
Little Tokyo 3d model
M4A1 Rifle 3D model
Male Body 3D model
Male Casual Outfit 40 Shorts Shirt Footwear Low-poly 3D model
Mech drone 3d model
Mech Robot 3d model
Modern Industrial Equipment 3D Model
Musclehead 3D model
Old car 3d model
Old Man Marble Bust
Old Rowing Boat 3D Model
Old Rusted Bike (max, fbx, obj) 3D model
Old USA building (max, fbx, obj) 3D model
Opposite Engine (max, fbx, obj) 3D model
Payphone (max, fbx, obj) 3d model
Power armor girl
Private Villa Exterior Scene 06
Rainer AK 3D model
Ruby Rose 3d model
Santa Claus Pose 03 3d model
Santa Claus Pose 04 3d model
Santa Claus Pose 05 3d model
Sci-Fi Element 2 (max)
Sci-Fi Element 5 (max)
Sci-Fi girl 3d model
Sci-Fi Interior 3d model
Sexy Girl in Black Bikini And high heels Posing 2
Sexy Girl in blue Lingerie 3D Model
Shadow Yamato 3d model
Spirit Shaman 3d model
T-90 Tank
The Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Treasure Chest
Turbosquid – Highway Road Viaduct Flyover-10 3D model
Turbosquid – Inflatable boat Zodiac Mark-2 and Yamaha F15 portable outboard 3D model
Woman Relaxing after workout
WW2 German Military Afrika Corps Binoculars (max, fbx, obj)
WW2 Tank PzKpfw 2 Ausf L
Zombie Slayer Assault Rifle


PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle Feb 2020


Airplane Engine
AK Modfied
Aphrodite Kallipygos (max, obj)
Asian Business Woman Point Low-poly 3D model
Asteroids of Andromeda
Bamboo (max, tex)
Bamboo Sticks
Bell 3D model
Business Human Walking #2 Low-poly 3D model
Canned stone (3dm, fbx)
Castle (obj, tex)
Casual Girl Crossing Hands Scanned (Vray)
Casual Girl Smiling Scanned 3d model
Casual Girl Standing 02 Scanned 3d model
Casual Girl Standing Scanned 3d model
Casual Girl Stretching Scanned 3d model
Casual Girl Taking Selfie Scanned (Vray)
Casual Girl Talking with Phone 3d model
Casual Woman Sitting & Laughing Scanned 3d model
Chestnut tree (obj, tex)
Church Exterior (obj)
City After War Exterior Scene
Construction Site (obj, tex)
Costume Chain Mail Soldier (max, fbx, obj)
Country road 01
Country road 02
Custom Bike (fbx, tex)
Dried Rose Scanned (obj, tex)
Easter 3D Model Low-poly 3D model
Elena Home 3D Model
F14 Stealth Concept 3D Model
Future Revolver (fbx, tex)
Garden Rocks Scanned (obj, tex)
Girl Stretching Scanned 3d model
Girl Wearing Suit Scanned 3d model
Gravel Pile (obj, tex)
Heavy duty air impact wrench (max, fbx, obj)
Helmet (fbx, tex)
House Stairs (obj, tex)
Humano Casual woman in checkered shirt Walking and talking 0214 3D model
Humano Elegant business man in shirt sitting and looking 0115 3D model
Humano Elegant Business Man Standing and smiling 0101 3D model
Humano Elegant Man Walking and talking 0302 3D model
Interior Scan
Junker Gun (max, fbx, obj)
Kings Armour
Kunoichi (max, fbx, obj)
Laser Turret (max, fbx, obj)
Leafy ground (obj)
Leather Jacket
Leaves on the Ground
Logs Pile (obj, tex)
Low poly Stone Wall (obj, fbx)
LowPoly Railway VR AR (3ds, fbx, obj, c4d)
Lowpoly Sticks (fbx)
Man in a Suit Wearing VR Headset Scanned 3d model
Man Kevin Business Sitting 002 (Vray, Corona)
Modern City
Mossy Rock (fbx)
Old Boat (obj, tex)
Old Stairs (obj)
Photogrammetry Abandoned Boat (obj, tex)
Photogrammetry Rock 02 (obj, tex)
Photogrammetry Rocks (obj, tex)
Pile of Bricks & Stones (obj, tex)
Pile Of Clay
Pile of Sand
Pile of Sticks (fbx)
Pile of Stones
Ready Horse V2 (max, fbx, obj) 3D Model
Realistic Rock Stone 3D Scan
Realistic Tree Scanned (obj, tex)
Realtime Grass
Rocks set (fbx)
Rocky Surface 02 (obj)
Rocky Surface
Ruined Castle (obj)
Ruined Temple
Ryobi Drill (max, fbx, obj)
Samurai Crab (max, fbx, obj)
Sci Fi Medipack (blend, 3ds, fbx, obj) 3D model
Sci-Fi Door (max, fbx, obj)
Sci-Fi Hallway (max)
Shipping Containers Low-poly 3D model (3ds, fbx, obj, c4d)
Skyscrapers 02
SPACESUIT Boeing Starliner 3D model
Stone on the Ground 3D Scan
Stone Oxy Moss Water (fbx, tex)
Stone slate black (max)
Stones on the Ground 02 (obj, tex)
Stones on the Ground Scanned (obj)
Temple (obj)
Temple 02 (obj tex)
Wood Storage (obj, tex)
Woods (max, tex)
World War 2 City


PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle April 2020


American House
Analog Photocamera (max, fbx, obj)
Ancients Wooden Mask
Anthem Warrior Suit (max, fbx, obj)
Banishing Bell PBR
Battle Gorilla Skull
Binoculars USSR
Blowtorch (max, fbx, obj)
BTR – 80
Dark Fantasy Helmet
Excalibur Light Airborne Tank Destroyer 3D Model
F-16 Fighting Falcon 3D model
Fallout 3 – Fawkes PBR
FRVR Fighter Flighter
G3A3 Rifle For Sale
Goblin Slayer (max, fbx, obj)
Golden Birchknight Helmet
GRC9 Radio VR AR low-poly 3d model
Greek Statue
Gunnars Chainsaw PBR
Hot Rod V8 engine VR AR low-poly 3d model
IBM 370 Control Panel
Industrial Props
Knights Gauntlet
KY-210B Camera (max, fbx, obj)
Leopard 2 Tank PBR
M31 recovery vehicle
M41D light Tank (max, fbx, obj)
Medical Trash – Plastic Box 3D Model
Melbourne X1 class tram 466 (max 2013 Vray)
Mercenary PBR
Military Telephone Set TA-43 PBR
MOPAR V8 lowpoly VR AR low-poly 3d model
OId Bicycle
Oil Barrel
Old Door
Old Soviet Car
Old Water Fountain
PBR Elf pirate
PBR Fan (max, fbx, obj)
PBR M1911 Compact
Piper PA-18 Supercub Low Poly VR AR low-poly 3d model
Plasma Revolver
Progetto M35 mod 46 TANK PBR
Retro Futuristic Soda Machine
RPD Hand Machinegun
Scanned Gloves (max, fbx, obj)
Schwimmwagen Volkswagen Typ 166
Sneakers (max, fbx, obj)
Soviet Car OKA
Soviet DShK Machinegun
Steampunk Camera
Sukhoi SU57 PBR
Tactical Radio Communication
Tech Soldier
Tiger 1 World War II Tank PBR
Trade’s cart (FBX)
Water Heater 02 (max, fbx, obj)
Wrench PBR
WW2 Aviator Helmet PBR


PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle May 2020


3D Laboratory Refrigerator
3D Model – SG Hedgehog Class
3D model Sci-Fi Power Element
70s Gas Pump
Air File
Air Impact Wrench
Air Ratchet
Airbus A220 300 aka Bombardier CS300
Airbus A350 1000 XWB Home livery
Angel Flight 2042
Angled Air Drill
Anubis Bust
Atom Punk Mecha
Autoservice Props Pack
Avalon Suit (anim)
Barsboldia sicinskii
Battle Armor
BC-1000 Radio 1
Bell of St_Panteleimon Church XIX
Boston Whaler Center Console Sport Fishing Boat 3d model
CCTV Camera
Cemetery Gateway
Centurion Mk. 5-1 RAAC
Charter Arms Undercoverette .32 Revolver
Chiappa Rhino
Chinese bowman
Clementine from Westworld 3
Concavenator corcovatus
Convoy (Death Proof) Duck
Craft Director Tools Pre-Rigged 3D Models
Customized M4A1 Highpoly & Lowpoly
Cybernetist Game Ready Rigged Character
Daspletosaurus torosus
Deadpool – Marvel Powers United VR
Deadpool – X-Force – Marvel Powers United VR
Deer 315
Deer Skull
Desert Road
Doom Shotgun
Dynafit Hoji Free – Ski Boot
Fire Extinguishers
Gas Stove
Geiger Counter CD V-700
Handgun 2971
Hay Man Outfit (rigged)
HellGirl 3d model
Indian Elephant
Industrial Buildings Pack
Industrial Transformer
John Wick 3 MPX
Joust Vintage Arcade Cabinet
Kirin Vending Machine
Knight of Camellia
Leupold D-EVO
Little coffee house
Lo-Poly people
Longer 21 cm Morser
Low poly crate
Low Poly MI-24
Low-poly beach people
Lowpoly Coronavirus
Lowpoly Rigged Female Essentials
Lowpoly Rigged Male Essentials
M26 grenade
M4 CQB 3D Model
Mauser – Kar98k
Megaphone Califone
Metriacanthosaurus parkeri
Mi-17V-5 Military
Military Crate
Mini Uzi
Moped Lambretta-125b
Motorola TLKR T80
Mountain bike
Naval Mine
Navy WWII Mark V brass Dive Helmet
NCR Trooper
Old motorbike
Old Soviet Cooker
Old Style Telephone
PBR Cooking Gas Cylinder
Pirate Boat
Porcelain Bronze Bowl
PowerBoat Police
Radio Telephone
Rikon Power Tools 70-100
Sauron 3D Printing Figurine
Sci fi Ammunition Box
Sci Fi Panel
Sci-fi Fantasy Bow
Sci-fi handgun
SciFi Female Suit
Shipping Container 3D model
SMEG Coffee machine
Sneaker Adidas Marquee Boost
Sony CRT Monitor
Spiderman – Marvel Powers United VR
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus
SS Ancon Vehicle
Star lord (Standing pose)
Synedrion Infiltrator
Tactical Motion Tracker
The Rocket Man – 3D Model
Tire And Car Rim (max, fbx, Vray)
Turbosquid – Cockroach rigged
Tyr Bruiser – Asgard’s Wrath
Ultron – Marvel Powers United VR
Upright piano
Urban Trash Pack Vol 3 Low Poly
US Mail Box
USS Arizona – Pennsylvania Class Battleship
Vintage First Aid Kit
Vintage Trunk Box
Wall-mounted Television
Welrod MK I
Wismec Mod and Sense Tank
Wisp Graxx
Witcher sword
WW2 Soviet Binoculars


PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle June 2020


Alec_56 (rigged)
Antennas – 20 pieces – part 1
Anti – Zombie Machete
ArtStation – Pavel Titov
ArtStation – Vintage Coronet D20 camera
ArtStation – 12_8cm Flakzwilling 40
ArtStation – 15 Sci-Fi Solar panels pieces
ArtStation – 80s Microwave
ArtStation – Adventurers helmet
ArtStation – Antique helmet
ArtStation – Cowboy boots
ArtStation – ECO Tyreflater
ArtStation – Gaz AA
ArtStation – Globe
ArtStation – Health Crate
ArtStation – Kukri knife
ArtStation – Map004 – Moon – lunar landscape in Blender
ArtStation – Mens – Check Suit Set
ArtStation – Paperboy Arcade Game
ArtStation – Retro Toaster
ArtStation – Rusted machinery device
ArtStation – Tiny flashlight
ArtStation – Vintage Dial Phone
ArtStation – Womens – Red Silk Dress
Astronaut #4 3D Model
Black Sail Catherine
Bola Gun – Death Stranding
Captain America Helmet
Casio G-Shock GR-B100-1A3
City Night Lowpoly
Colony Station
Crusader Knight
Cyberpunk female jacket. Clo3d, Marvelous designer project + OBJ+ FBX
Cyberpunk Mercenary
Danner 15660X Boots
Dieselpunk Bi Plane
EE-3 Carbine
Electric Switch Box
Epiphone Guitar
Fallout 3 – Raider Badlands Remake
Fallout 4 X-01 Power Armor
Fallout AER9 Laser Rifle
Firewood set
Foot Path Stone
Forklift Truck – Low Poly
IBM PC XT 5150
Industrial Magnet
Inquisitor’s Helmet
iPhone 6
Javelin Missile
Joe 122
Leuna Gas Station
Link Gun
Lotus Rifle Textured
Luger P08
Mandalorian Helmet
Marvelous Designer,Clo3d. Female outfit D№9
McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle
Medic Bag
Men’s raincoats. Clo3d, Marvelous Designer projects
Metal Locker – Maxime Goicho
Military backpack 02
Military Backpack
Mining Dump Truck – Low Poly
Motorola APX 8000
MVR5-E industrial robot
North Sea Trawler
Old Air Conditioner
Old Fishing Boat
Old Gas And Air Pumps
Old italian door
Old office desk lamp
Old Radio and Headphones
Osborne 1 Computer
Peterbilt 359 wrecker
Pirelli PZero
Roman Centurion Evocatus
Rusty Boiler
Saturn V – Rocket Engine
Shock stormtrooper
Steyr AUG A3
Sturmgewehr 44
SUNDA MK2 300 Bullpup
T-47 Snowspeeder Star Wars
Tactical Helmet
Texturing.xyz – Cow Horn #05
The Old Masters Statue
Vehicle Disc Brakes Model Kit
Vintage Desk Fan
Vintage Soviet Fridge ZIL Moskva
VSS Vintorez
WW2 BC 611 Radio
WW2 Hand Talk Radio
Yamaha Niken 2019


PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle June 2020


15cm SFH 18 Howitzer
3D people – 10490 Anastasia
3d scan woman Regina 7
African Statue 01 PBR
African Statue 04 PBR
Aged Woman Standing and Talking 3D model
Alec 56
Asian Business Woman Looks Low-poly 3D model
Asian Doctor Standing 3d model
Baba Yaga
Black Business Woman Discuss Low-poly 3D model
Body Armor
Business Man Watches Time Low-poly 3D model
Business Woman Sitting Low-poly 3D model
Business Woman Sitting Talking with Cellphone Scanned 3d model
Business Woman Walking 3d model
Businessman Using VR Headset Scanned 3d model
Buzz Lightyear Space Marine
Camarasaurus 3D model 1
Camarasaurus 3D model
Captain Morgan
Cash Register
Casual child boy standing 02 Scanned model
Casual child boy standing and looking back
Casual child boy standing and Smiling Scanned 3d model
Casual child boy standing and talking 3d model
Casual girl Lisa Sitting
Casual Girl Sitting 02 3d model
Casual Girl Sitting 3d model
Casual man in a blue shirt walking and talking
Casual man in blue sweater cycling 3D model
Casual Man Lars Checking phone
Casual Man Running Scanned 3d model
Casual man sitting and reading newspaper 3D model
Casual Man Taking Photo Scanned 3d model
Casual Woman Sitting 02 3d model
Casual Woman Sitting 03 3d model
Casual woman sitting and talking 3D model
Casual Woman Standing scanned 3d model
Casual woman walking with a bag and phone
Casual woman with backpack standing
Cgtrader – SPACESUIT NASA APOLLO 11 3D model
Cgtrader – SPACESUIT NASA Mercury Navy Mark IV 3D model
Chinese Statue 01 PBR
Chinese Statue 02 PBR
Cinder suit
Darkmatter Enforcer 3D Model
Detective Unit PBR
Diana 10894 – Standing Patient On Crutches VR AR low-poly 3d model
Dystopian Foot Soldier PBR
Elegant man in suit standing and talking 0313 3D model
Elegant man walking with a briefcase and backpack 3D model
Elegant Woman Standing Scanned 02 3d model
Elegant Woman Standing Scanned 3d model
Elegant woman walking and looking back 0306
EMU NASA Space Suit
Francine 10369 – Talking Asian Doctor VR AR low-poly 3d model
French Statue 01 PBR
Girl Skirt Stockings 3D Model
Golfer 3d model
Got Assassin Girl 3D model
Helmet 02
Human Alloy – 00036 Esmee 005 3D model
Humano Casual man walking and looking 0202 3D model
Humano Elegant business man in a suit walking 0102 3D model
Humano Elegant business man sitting and typing 0117 3D model
Humano Elegant business woman in skirt sitting and looking 0113 3D model
Humano Girl hugging a teddy bear 0503 3D model
Humano Kneeling girl with outstretched arms 0510 3D model
Humano Man standing and looking 0519 3D model
Humano Standing boy with hand behind his head 0505 3D model
Indian Business Man Sitting Low-poly 3D model
Kel-Tec KSG Zombie Buster 3d Model
Kenneth 10065 – Standing Casual Guy Low-poly 3D model
Kimono 3d model
Kimono girl
Long Winter Studios Tom Rig
Mammuthus primigenius
Man in a Suit Walking 02 3d model
Man Sitting on bench Scanned 3d model
Man Smiling Low-poly 3D model
Man walks and speaks on the phone 3D Model
Medical Collection x7 3D Models
Megaloceros giganteus
Military Helicopter low-poly 3D model
Monika 10132 – Standing Coffee Shop Woman VR AR low-poly 3d model
Naked Girl 3d model
Natalia 1036 3D model
National Guard
Old measuring device PBR
Old Stove And Kettle PBR 1
Old Stove And Kettle PBR 2
Old Stove And Kettle PBR
PBR Fire Hydrant 3D Scan
PBR Traffic Pile 3D Scan
Quandero-2 Police BOT 3D Model
Ramona 01 Scanned 3d model
Ramona 10074 – Standing Office Girl VR AR low-poly 3d model
Rick 10497 – Walking Casual Guy VR AR low-poly 3d model
Skull Pumpkin Jacket
Soldier 0722 3D model
SPACESUIT China Feitian
SPACESUIT SpaceX Dragon Starman
Sport Kid scanned 02 3d model
Sport Kid scanned 3d model
Squire Machine Pistol PBR
Star Wars AT-RT Walker
Steampunk Projector PBR
Steel Armor set 3D Model
Summer time Mirko
Survivor Man
The Archaeologist
TRNTL Controller PBR
Tuk Tuk
Twin Pod Cloudcar
Viking Broly
Vortex Ranger PBR
Walkie Talkie PBR
Weekend Morning Sexy Girl in bed
Wine Barrel
Woman Ramona Sitting Scanned 3d model
Woman Sitting Holding Bag 3d model
Woman Wearing Hijab Scanned 3d model
Wonder Woman Undersuit 3D Model
Working Business Girl Low-poly 3D model
Yanaka Coffee Shop
Young Boy Playing Football Scanned 3d model
Young Caucasian Female in Jeans Standing Scanned 3d model
Young Girl Standing 02 Scanned (Vray)
Young Girl Standing Scanned 3d model
Young Woman using VR Headset 02 Scanned 3d model
Young Woman using VR Headset Scanned 3d model


PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle August 2020

90s TV setup
Andre 3d model
Angler Fish
Antique Cast Iron Stove
AP-4045 Soviet Forklift Truck
Beats Headphones
Beth Wilder from Quantum Break 3D Model
Bull Dog Gun
Business Woman Standing 3d model
Casual Girl Francine Playing Guitar
Charter Arms Undercoverette 32 Revolver
Covid 19 Mask with Exhale Valve 3D print model
ESO Bloodknight
Eton Satellit 750 Radio
Face Shield for COVID-19 3D print model
Female Standing Wear Casual Cloth – Scanned 3D Model
Final Fantasy XIV Monk Class
Fire Hydrant
Flash Bang Grenade 3D Model
Girl in Jeans Salopet Red Socks and Boots
Girl in Lingerie – Scanned 3D Model
Glock 17 Custom
Guy With Bicycle Pre Posed 3D Model 3D model
Hard Case Tool Box
Heavy Machinegun
Heinkel 111 VR AR low-poly 3d model
Helmet C19
Industrial Steam Boiler
L3Harris Falcon III Radio
Leatherback Turtle
Lou Rig 0.5 for Maya 2017+
M1134 Stryker
Magnetron gun
Medieval Prision Carriage
Messerschmitt Bf 109 German ww2 Fighter VR AR low-poly 3d model
Messerschmitt Me.262
Metro Exodus Junk Rifle
Military Boots
Morse Telegraph
NEOPMask – 3D Printable mask with exchangeable filter – Base 3D print model
Nico Rosberg 2016 style Racing helmet
Nintendo Game
Old cabinet
Old Classic Coupe
Old Toyota PickUP – 3D Model
Olympus camera
Open wagon
Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf
Race glove
Rusted liquid storage
Sako Rk95tp
Salt pack
Shotgun SiX-12 1
Sniper Scope – 3D Model
SO-17 3D model
Soldier in equipment
Soviet Gasoline Pump
Steam Punk Gun
Stone Structure Trim Sheet
TEM-19 Experimental Locomotive
Tiger 1 Tank ww2 German Army 3D model
Tracking Point M900
Tree Cutter Mech 3d model
Waggon with Barrel – 3D Model
Weapon case
Wooden Cart
Yamaha FZ-07 3D Model


PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle 1 September 2020


3D Tifa Lockhart Game Ready
Abandoned telephone booth
AR-15 Rifle
Armor Set
Banana Seat Bike
Borderlands Psycho Fan Art
Bryggen buildings
Business Man Walking 3d model
Business Woman Standing 02 3d model
C-17 Cyberpunk
Cartoon Mech
Dana Squid
Defense Technology Smoke Grenade
Demon Slayer – Feng Ming-Dead By Daylight
Desert Eagle 50AE
Dragon ring
Ducati 1199 Panigale 2012 3D Model
EAGLE machine
Flintlock Pistol
FNX-45 Tactical Pistol
Foo Dog Ornament
Giant Squid
Girls Face
Golden Engraved Desert Eagle
Grenade T-13 Beano lowpoly
Hand held console
Hattori Hanzo Sword
HK416 Assault rifle
IMA-1 Trace Rate Meter
LeCoultre Compass Camera
M200 Sniper Rifle
MADS 249 automatic turret
Metal Door Prop
Military tent asset
MK2 Grenade
National Guard
Nautical Telescope
Old Column
Old guitar
Old Market Scene
Old Rusty Jerrycan
Old Travel Trunk
Open Book
PBR Fire Hydrant
Photogrammetry – Angel Statue
Retro Gas Pump
RO Tactical Radio a-9695
Road block
Robot Chappie
Robot head
Rock Pillar
San Francisco Classic Cable Car Railway
Sci-Fi Handgun
Sci-Fi Medical Crate
Sewing Machine
Shipping Containers
Smith and Wesson 327 Magnum
SnowBoard Jacket
Sony 430M voice recorder
Sony Radio – ICF 7700
Sony Trinitron TV
Sound System
Talon bomb disposal robot
Tascam Recorder
TE44 Field Quadnoculars
The Cobra Sorcerer
The Odyssey Jug
Treasure chest (2)
Tsar Cannon
Typewriter Underwood 18
VHS Player
Viking man
Vintage Clock
Vintage Wall Phone
Warframe Tennogen Excalibur
Washing mashine
Work Glove
WW2 Scuba Diving Helmet



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