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PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle October 2020

PBR Game and 3D-Scan 3D-Models Bundle October 2020



15cm SFH18 Howitzer GameReady 3D model
1986 PC600 Premier Camera
3D Portrait Model – Ideal for Architectural Visualization
90s Workplace
9M133 Kornet
Achilles Statue
ACOG Scope
AKM – 1959
Ammo Container
Antique Globe
Antique table
Antique telephone
ASh-12-7 Battle Rifle
Assassin – Character
Asuka Concept Character
Athletic African American man walking 223 3D model
Attractive African woman in dress
Auto SMG
Azula Avatar Character
Babbage Station 3D model
Barrett Military Radio
Bath house
Black Sand Plains Rocket Breakdown
Blaster LAPD2019 Blade Runner
BMW 3cs
Boss Original Helmet
Boxing Robot
Bronze Pot
Brugger and Thomet MP9
Cassette Player Potify props
Cassette recorder
Cassette Tape
Celtic Axe
Century arms Cetme 308
Chinese Statue 01
Chinese Statue 02
Christian Church
Cine Camera Vintage
Close-in Weapon System
Coffee Grinder
Colonial Security – Game ready mesh
Conan The Destroyer
CRT Television Set
Custom House
Custom Mac 10
Cyber girl
Cyber Nurse
Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Shotgun
Cyberpunk SMG
CZ 75B P01 Omega handgun
Damaged EE-9 Cascavel tank
Derelict Dumpster
DeWald 618 tube radio
Divergence meter
Diving Helmet 1941
DP-12 Shotgun
Dune Buggy
Eastern Heavy Warrior
Elder Scribe – Sculpt
Eldritch Gas Lantern
Electric water generator
Elf Knight
Evidence 3D model
Explosive Barrel
Fallschirmjagergewehr 42
Field Phone TA-1042au
Flame Skull Shield
Floor Vase with Bronze Stand
Flower GasMask
Fortune Cat
French delivery van
Garuda Wooden Sculpture
Gatling Shotgun
Gaz 66 3d model
Girl Character Aria
Glock 22
Grenade launcher
Half Plate Armour
Halo M7 SMG
Harley Davidson Bike
Hmx explosive grenade
Honda Civic Raw Scan
howitzer M101A1
Human Alloy Premium 00022 Pepijn 001
Incendiary Rifle
Industrial Remote controller
Inkwell Isle
IS-2 Tank 3D Model
Japanese Banko Ware Vase
Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Recon JK 2017 3D Model
Johnny Silverhand 3D print model
Junk Sniper Rifle
Kawasaki Z900RS 2019 3D model
Keep Clear COVID
Kiver-M Helmet
Kodak Folding Camera
Koken Barber Shop Chair
Komatsu 730E
Kriss Vector
Land Mine
Landing Craft Air Cushion
Leather Bag 2
LED WF-501 Lantern
LIEBHERR R996 Excavator
little Imp statue
M113 – APC
Mailbox 3D
Male surgical doctor working 222 3D model
Mech Warrior
Mecha BL
Mechanical Monster
MGD-09 Programming Device
Military Arm – Game Ready Asset
Military Decontamination Kit
Military knee pad
Military Soldier Vest
Military uniform
Miss Marvel Outfit
Mizuki – Siren Priestess
Modular Pipe Assets
Mountain Bike 2
Nagant Revolver 1941
Nitrogen generator tank
Northern Heavy Armor
Northern Medium Armor
Old Baroque Table Clock
Old Fridge
Old Well
Oskars Leather Jacket
Oven – Cartoon Asset
P38 Pistol
Phaser Type II – Star Trek Discovery
Pilot Goggles
PRC-10 military radio
Primaris Space Marine Intercessor
Proton Eraser Hand Cannon
PZV Panther Tank 3D Model
Real Time Xenomorph
Red Wing Style Boots
Retro Cassette Player
Sailor uniform
Satelite Dish
Sci Fi APC
Sci Fi Military Armor Vehicle
Sci-fi Camera Drone
Sci-Fi Energy Rifle
SciFi Case
Seraphina – Battle Nun
Sexy young woman in beige bodysuit posing 233 3D model
Showdown – Sticky Bomb
Siege BOT
Sig Sauer P229 LEGION
Small fishing seiner MRS80
Smoke Grenade
Space Rover
SpaceShip (2)
Star Wars AT-ST
StarWars Imperial Pilot
Steampunk Blood Machine
Steampunk Lantern
Steampunk Military Jetpack
Street Fighter II Arcade Cabinet
Stylized Scarecrow
Sun Fish
Syberpunk Car 3D model
Tank T-26
Tank Wagon 2
Tantive IV – Blockade Runner – Corellian Corvette
Technical Transporter
Terracotta Warrior
The Archaeologist
The Argonath Statue Photoscan
The Ceres Paradox Toon Rocket
The Fixer Witch
The Queen of Aliens
Tiefling Rogue
Tiger 2 Tank 3D Model
Tiger Statue
TOW Missile Launcher
TRNTL Controller
Twentieth Century Travel Case
VEG-03 Spaceship
Venator-class Star Destroyer
Victorian Mantel Clock
Viking axe – realtime asset
Viking Warrior
Village Gate
Vintage camera
Vintage Electric Drill
Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 GEN II
Walther MPK
White-tailed Deer
Wollensak folding camera
Wooden bench
Wraith Cyber Ninja Apex Legends 3D model
WWII Frequency Meter
Xenomorph Bust
XM56 20mm Variable Velocity Ordnance Launcher
Y-30 Space fighter
Zhu Mo Lie

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