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Maxtree – Plant Models Vol 67 (2021)

Maxtree – Plant Models Vol 67 (2021)

Plant Models Vol 67 is a collection of high-quality 3D plant models. Includes 12 species, total 72 single models.

This is the new collection from 2021 and is completely different than the old one from 2020.


– Abies concolor [‘White Fir’,’Concolor Fir’]
– Cedrus deodara [‘Deodar Cedar’,’Himalayan Cedar’]
– Cedrus libani [‘Cedar Of Lebanon’,’Lebanese Cedar’]
– Cryptomeria japonica [‘Sugi’,’Japanese Cedar’]
– Larix decidua [‘European Larch’]
– Larix kaempferi [‘Japanese Larch’]
– Picea rubens [‘Red Spruce’]
– Pinus pinea [‘Stone Pine’,’Italian Stone Pine’]
– Pinus strobus [‘Eastern White Pine’,’Northern White Pine’]
– Podocarpus macrophyllus [‘Yew Plum Pine’,’Buddhist Pine’,’Macrophyllus’]
– Sciadopitys verticillata [‘Umbrella Pine’,’Sciadopitys’]
– Taxodium mucronatum [‘Montezuma Cypress’,’Ahuehuete’]

FBX, MAX (V-Ray, Corona), Forest Pack

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