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Udemy – 3Ds Max + Vray 5 + Interior 3D Rendering

From Beginner to Advanced: Lighting, Material and Rendering

What you’ll learn
Camera placement and setting to achieve high quality renders
Installment of different types of natural and artificial lights (VRAY SKY, VRAY Light etc …) and optimal setting and adjustment tips
Render setup tips to get realistic and sharp looking interior renders
Creating different materials such Wood, Concrete, Plastic, Metal, Cloth etc.. and using black and white maps to manipulate the color, reflection, glossiness etc …
Using the most important maps such as Fall Off, Displacement, Reflect, Refract, Color Correction, Mix and Bump and manipulating the glossiness, opacity, diffuse color etc…
How to add background scenery behind the windows for interior renders
How to manipulate the lights to achieve great contrast and sharp looking shadows
How to set temperature-based colors in the scene
Removing noise from interior renders
How to create and use VRAY 2sidemtl for table lamps
Learning how to work with Fresnel reflections and Fresnel IOR
Working with VRAY Dirt to achieve realistic edges in the walls and different objects
How to manipulate different materials for furniture, walls, beds, chairs, curtains, carpets etc… setting to make them as realistic as possible.
How to make a carpet from scratch and use Hair and Fair option to design great looking carpets
Introducing a new feature in VRAY 5 called the Material Library: how to download, install and use it to assign different materials to our objects
How to use Light Mix in VRAY 5 to change the lighting in the scene without taking any renders

Basic computer knowledge.
Prior experience in a design field is helpful, but not necessary.
Preliminary knowledge of 3Ds Max workplace and commands is helpful.
It does not matter what version of 3Ds Max or VRAY you are using, You can achieve the same results.

As a 3D artist I am quite familiar with all the pitfalls and difficulties of learning how to work with 3Ds Max and VRAY 5, and my objective for this course is to use my experience in the field to present some of the most essential and useful techniques which could help you in your own projects. As a general rule, I always make use of simplicity and clarity in my tutorials and additionally for this workshop I have tried my best to transfer some of the most important points in VRAY and Interior design and rendering in as short of a time as possible. I have also included my own go-to setting parameters to achieve the best interior renders possible, and explaining the most effective options that are crucial for having the most realistic renders.One of the biggest problems that 3D artists face is that they do not know what type of render setup to use in their scenes for both their test renders and the final render. Furthermore, they do not know how to light their interior scenes properly to achieve a realistic atmosphere and also take fast renders during their project. They may also have difficulties creating their required materials resulting in a very unnatural-looking render with objects that do not resemble real-life at all.In a nutshell, in this course I have tried to familiarize you with the easiest and yet the most helpful methods used to place and setup your cameras in your scene in a that you will have an easy time advancing the next phases of your projects. I sincerely believe that if the cameras are placed and adjusted properly, a big portion of the work is done because they play a big role in helping achieve realistic renders that would make the untrained eye doubt whether they are an actual photo or a render. The shared optimal setting for camera setting parameters that I share with you, regardless of what version of 3Ds MAX or VRAY you’re using, will help you take the best renders possible.Next, you will learn all the required tips and techniques to implement both natural and artificial lights in your scene so that you could have a great contrast in the scene. These tips, some of which would defy and challenge the popular beliefs regarding lighting essentials, will help you get the best-looking renders really quickly.After that we will move on to creating, changing and assigning materials to our objects in a normal interior scene. There are a lot of 3D artist who have taken several courses in 3D design but yet struggle when it comes to creating realistic and life-like materials in their projects. The problem arises from their lack of knowledge in all the different options and maps used when working with the material editor. In this course, I will take you through a step by step and simple review of those maps and options that could just revolutionize your idea of material design and manipulation which will ultimately bring about realistic objects. Additionally, you will learn how to combine several textures and maps to create complex objects.Next, you will learn how to adjust the different parameters in the frame buffer and render setup so that you would not have to use any third-party software like photoshop etc… as a post-production method to elevate and embellish your final renders. A lot of the published renders in the field lack the required sharpness and realism that could the project to the next level, and that is the reason a lot of 3D artists have gone on to use other software to improve their renders. In this workshop I will teach you to take multiple renders without any limitation as to the suitable camera angles and you will not be needing to add anything to your final renders at all.Finally, I will take you through some of the most useful and important features of VRAY 5 such as downloading, installing and implementing a material library that could provide you with a list of great readily-available materials and textures for your work. Also, I will teach you how to change any light parameter in your scene without taking multiple renders or interactive ones, simply using the newly added feature in VRAY 5 called Light MIX.


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