Udemy – Autocad Structural Detailing Course

Learn AUTOCAD STRUCTURAL DETAILING and how to interpret Structural Drawing like a Pro

What you’ll learn
• How to Create Structural Detailing using AutoCAD
• How to Create Grid
• How to draw Beam Layout Plan
• How to draw Column Layout Plan
• How to draw Column Detailing
• How to draw Column Layout Plan
• How to draw Column Layout Plan
• How to draw to Draw Footing
• How to draw Foundation Layout Plan/Genera arrangement
• Slab Layout Plan
• Slab Detailing
• Naming Beams
• Numbering Footing
• Numbering Columns
• Naming Foundations

A windows version of the AutoCAD software.
A laptop and Passion to learn

This Structural Detailing course is designed for people who wish to learn everything about Structural Detailing in a self-paced, simple-to-understand manner. By following the course module, a beginner can start learning Structural detailing from scratch.This is the best Course You will need to learn Structural Detailing of RCC in AutoCAD…This course covers types of construction drawings. You will get to know the difference between, Architectural Drawing, Electrical Drawing. Mechanical Drawing, Structural Drawing etc. Structural Drawings are essential in construction as these are the very blueprints of the construction…In this course, you will get the necessary knowledge required to create Structural Detailing/Structural Drawing using AutoCAD.By the end of this course, you will be able to create:Creating GridHow to draw Beam Layout PlanHow to draw Column Layout PlanHow to draw Column DetailingHow to draw Column Layout PlanHow to draw Column Layout PlanHow to draw to Draw FootingHow to draw Foundation Layout Plan/Genera arrangementSlab Layout PlanSlab DetailingNaming BeamsNumbering FootingNumbering Columns· Naming FoundationsWho is this course for:Civil EngineersCivil Engineering StudentsSite EngineersDraftersArchitectsConstruction WorkersStructural EngineersStructural DesignersThis course also covers how to create simple 2D residential plan, which means as a professional you now have an added advantage on how to create building plans and dimension then accurately.

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