Blender 4x Complete Architectural Design & Animation Course

Learn Blender Animation, 3D Modelling, 3D lighting: Full 3D House Construction Animation Project in Blender.

What you’ll learn
Learn 3D Modelling, 3D lighting and 3D Animation in Blender
Learn the tool & techniques to fully create the house construction animation
Learn the shortcuts and smart workflows to work fast & efficiently inside the Free Software Blender & FreeCAD
How to 3D Model a fully realised 3D House ready for animation
How to control environment light settings and achieve real world lighting conditions
Learn the skills to draft accurate 2D designs in CAD software
How to use the Archimesh add-on to quickly & easily create architectural elements for your projects

A computer capable of running the free & open source software Blender
No prior knowledge of 3D or Blender is required

Welcome to Architectural Design & Animation in Blender – the complete blender Architectural animation course. Learn 3D Modelling, 3D lighting and 3D Animation in Blender, all in the free and open source software blender. Learn 3D Environment Modelling & Texturing in Blender. Blender is the free and open source alternative to Maya & 3Ds Max.

This highly rated course has had great success teaching students on Udemy!

Packed with hours of video training the course introduces beginners to the design, 3D modelling and creation of a house construction animation. Even if you have no 3D experience, this course will have you animating in blender quickly.

Here’s how:

The course is taught by a top instructor with almost 100,000 students.

Get professional results fast and efficiently by learning the right tools and workflows

Animation software doesn’t need to be hard to master. This course is designed to make Blender easy to use and get you results.

No previous 3D experience required, this course starts at the very beginning and will get you 3D modelling & animating with ease.

Save yourself time & money by learning the shortcuts and smart workflows to accelerate your projects.

With the latest release of blender there has never been a better time to learn this amazing 3D software.

Teach you how to achieve accuracy when designing and 3D modelling

This course takes you step – by – step through engaging video tutorials and teaches you how to succeed at learning in the free and open source software blender

This comprehensive course covers a great deal that include:

Creation of 2D layouts

Geometry Nodes

How to convert Ngons to Quad topology.

Asset Library

3D Modelling & Texturing the Assets

Creation of trees, rocks & grass

Set up the scene & Lighting

Create the plans rolling open

Setup the animation with camera & key frames

Rendering with the new Real time render engine Eevee

Video format in Blender’s video sequence editor

Some of the technology & tools we cover include:

The free and open source software blender

The free and open source software FreeCAD

The ODA file convertor

The Blender add-on Archimesh

The Blender add-on sapling

The milestones we complete during the course include:

Creating the 2D house layouts

3D modelling the House

Rolling open the layouts

Animating the House construction

By the end of the course you’ll have the skills and ability to 3D model and animate in Blender.

This is a unique skill especially for Architectural Designers, 3D artists or beginners looking to create their own unique architectural models & animations.

So what are you waiting for. Click the BUY NOW button to create your first construction animation in Blender!

Who this course is for:
Students who need animation added to their architectural visualization projects
Students who want to learn a free & open source software for their own professional use
Architects who need accurate designs & 3D models
Artists who want expand their skill set
Designers and 3D visualization students
Beginners who want to design & 3D model successfully
Students who want to create unique 3D models
Designers who need to iterate quickly with their designs
Blender users who want to learn new and faster workflows
You are a complete beginner who has never opened 3D software before

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