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Gumroad – Painting a Desert City in Photoshop

  With this training, architectural design company Gumroad , the next two periods coach Stephane Richard Wootha, using the design environment and architecture in Photoshop to learn. Let’s start with a simple compositesurface , learn how to make your rendering more confident and teach us to use a good way to organize the design and process of painting. This training course is provided by the software maker for you, dear users, and ready …

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Cubebrush – Photoreal Food

Package contains a set of 10 high detailed photorealistic lowpoly food models. Ready for use in realtime engines such as Unity or UE4. Each model has a diffuse map, normal map and ambient occlusion map. Models format: .FBX Textures format: .TGA Textures resolution: 2048×2048 All models have 3 levels of …

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Low poly Fish Collection Animated Pack 3 0 Add to Wish List PRODUCT DETAILS0 COMMENTS Include 20 Fish types: 1/ Blue-whale 2/ Crab 3/ Dolphin 4/ Giantseabass 5/ Manta 6/ Starfish 7/ Sunfish 8/ Synodontiseupterus 9/ Titantriggerfish 10/ Trewavascichlid 11/ Trumpetfish 12/ Turtle 13/ Tylosaurus 14/ Whitegrunt 15/ Whitemullet 16/ …

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Asset Store – Population System PRO

Asset  for users softball maker already have this system simulator population to help different groups of people in a state of Simulate walking, talking, contacting, walking with people in Unity software, it’s easy to use in the simulation of the architecture, gaming, street and project environment,  Features of this tool: It …

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This training covers how to setup furry creatures and make hairstyles in Houdini. The training contains 4 projects. We’ll start with a simple furry creature and build three hairstyles. A short, long and a ponytail. I’ve also added a chapter which will give you a simple overview of my braid …

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Asset Store – Camera Controller 3.341

excellent AAA for  Unity  , from the Unity Asset  site for softwares, this tool is a super camera controller for Unity that can be used in games Third-party games, first-person gaming and even the MOBA’s strategy, with this tool you can easily simulate character viewing, fading, camera shake, and more,  Features of this tool: A …

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