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What you’ll learn Cover the most basic form of 3D Rigging which is linking or parenting. How to modify the pivot point of an object. Learn about groups and how to utilize them. Bone objects, what they are and why they are so useful. The benefits of working with inverse …

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Introduction to Arnold In this Introduction to Arnold series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using Arnold for Maya and how to create stunning renders. Learn the theory of Arnold and how to optimize it to get fast and efficient renders. With Arnold, you can spend less time …

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Drawing inspiration from her years as a painter, Gemmy Woud-Binnendijk creates painterly portraits with a camera. Her imaginative concepts, meticulous planning, and attention to every detail result in portraits that belong on museum walls. Gemmy shares her understanding of historical approaches to lighting, wardrobe selection, and character-building before taking you …

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Udemy – Line Art Master

Udemy – Line Art Master Welcome to  Line Art Master . My name is Hardy Fowler and I am a professional illustrator and concept artist. I’m calling all artists out there with a passion for drawing, from beginners to professionals, if you want to take your work to new heights and learn the …

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Asset Store – Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature

Asset Store – Mountain Trees – Dynamic Nature This pack contains 8 PBR mountain fir trees in 47 prefabs. (26 standard prefabs + 21 vegetation studio prefabs). Trees can be placed in a forest (special forest tree versions) or as standalone. All trees work perfectly with the unity terrain and Vegetation Studio system …

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Asset Store – POLYGON – Battle Royale Pack

Synty Studios Presents – A low-poly asset pack of characters, props, weapons, vehicles and environmental assets to create a Military themed polygonal style game. Build the ultimate battlegrounds game with this solid modern warfare set. Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations. Includes a demo …

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