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(Crystal CG) full package 132 GB with max files and PSD files

Manufacturer:Crystal CG

Extract volume:132 gigabytes

external podcasts with a MAX and PSD file for 3d max and Photoshop. It has over 300 ready-made scenes from a variety of exterior spaces, space Urban and building.

The likeness of the files is in max format with the file of post production and the map. There are also more than 100 objects and 3d model of the types of gypsum and Roman facades.

For your acquaintance Dear designers with this collection, catalogs are individually downloaded to see the collection. Below are 32 catalogs.



see catalogs for this package

Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_01.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_02.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_03.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_04.pdf
Get the catalog ofCrystal DVD_05.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_06.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_07.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_08.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_09.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_10.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_11.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_12.pdfcatalog
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_13.pdf
Get the catalog ofCrystal DVD_14.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_15.pdfcatalog
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_16.pdf
Get the catalog ofCrystal DVD_17.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_18.pdf
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_19.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_20.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_21.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_22.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_23.pdfcatalog
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_24.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_25.pdfcatalog
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_26.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_27.pdfcatalog
Get the Crystal DVD_28.pdfcatalog
Get the CrystalCatalogDVD_29.pdf
Get the catalog ofCrystal DVD_30.pdf
Get the catalog ofCrystal DVD_31.pdf
Get the Crystal DVD_32.pdfcatalog

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