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Unity Asset Bundle 3 – January 2019

Unity Asset Bundle 3 – January 2019 Includes: Advanced Foliage Shader v.4 Beautify v6.2 Blackjack Pro! – Playmaker v2.2 Bullet UI v1.3 Filmic Tonemapping DELUXE v2.0.3 FPS Mesh Tool v1.2.4 Horizon[ON] v1.4.1 HQ Photographic Textures Grass Pack Vol.1 1.6 Mesh Baker v3.26.2 Playing Cards Pack 1.1.0 Playmaker v.1.9.0.p5 SSAO Pro …

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ArtStation – Electric locomotive – model 441-316 UE4

An Energetic Enigma  Preparation Scene: In this post, Enriel Engin prepared a ready-made electric train to simulate the external environment from the ArtStation site for computer users, including assets, maps, materials and effects. software for Unreal Engine , the format of this scene Obj, Fbx, Textures and MAX is the tree in the application Speedtree made with soft    Title: …

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Cubebrush – Low Poly House 3

3D model of a perfect house house  : In this collection of Cubebrush site  , we have prepared a three-dimensional model of a fully furnished and perfectly furnished villa for your home. This 3D model for 3ds Max softwarecomes complete with texture and material. The materials of this three-dimensional model have been optimized with the tri-dim axial material and …

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