ArtStation – Electric locomotive – model 441-316 UE4

An Energetic Enigma  Preparation Scene: In this post, Enriel Engin prepared a ready-made electric train to simulate the external environment from the ArtStation site for computer users, including assets, maps, materials and effects. software for Unreal Engine , the format of this scene Obj, Fbx, Textures and MAX is the tree in the application Speedtree made with soft    Title: …

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ArtStation Marketplace – ZBrush / SP – 20 Wood Brushes / Alpha Vol.1

Brush and Alpha Stick   In this article, we will deal with  brushes and alphabets . This collection includes 20 brushes / alpha wood , which is only for use in its beautiful application . All brushes are 2048 × 2048 and 16-bit in Tiff-JPG-PSD-ZBP-ABR files. Customized custom brushes and alpha sets, 18 brushes and high / alpha + 3 pixels, ztool mesh and …

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