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Substance Source – 51 Materials

Substance Source – 51 Materials Includes: aged_scratched_metal alien_ship_techno_panel aluminium_scratched bricks_basalt_combined car_solid_paint_wet concrete_raw_damaged concrete_spotted iron_forged metal_cast_iron_black metal_speaker_mesh_round painted_metal_chipped pewter_striped powder_paint_hammer_effect rusted_painted_metal sci_fi_painted_grating_tiles sci_fi_spaceship_technical_wall sci_fi_storage_unit_wall sci_fi_technical_hull scrapped_paint ship_hull_paint_chipped aged_scratched_metal alien_ship_techno_panel aluminium_scratched bricks_basalt_combined bunker_concrete_damaged car_solid_paint_wet concrete_chipped_cracked concrete_raw_damaged concrete_slabs_leaking concrete_spotted dry_stream_bed_pebbles forest_soil_with_roots gravel_parking_lot human_skin_cheek_40yo_woman_3 human_skin_chin_40yo_woman_2 iron_forged marble_new_emperador_dark metal_cast_iron_black metal_speaker_mesh_round painted_metal_chipped pewter_striped plastic_canvas_grain_thick powder_paint_hammer_effect rusted_painted_metal …

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-362 materials -4K tileable textures -Bitmap-based shader library -Custom GSG Shader Ball -12 Everyday Material Categories: Car Paint, Ceramic, Concrete, Metal, Fabric, Glass, Liquid, Masonry, Misc, Organic, Plastic, Wood -Redshift 2.6.28 and above (Jpg files) ***Not compatible with Standard / Physical*** ****Must have Redshift 2.6.28 and above!   downloads links …

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V-Ray materials collection

In this article, the V-Ray V-Ray materials are available in a variety of subjects including: Architecture, Automotive, Clothing, Eza, Glass, Liquid, Metal, Organic, Plastic, Special Effects, SSS, Stone, VRay fur , Wood and … for dear users. This collection is not new material and is in the archives of the net and is based on …

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