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Udemy – Game Asset Creation With Houdini – Season 1 – 3D Modeling in Houdini

Modeling in Houdini   In the course of modeling in Houdini Udemy , with the creation of assets ready to play using the Framework process flow for Houdini and modeling three-dimensional will be familiar. Workflow Learn the powerful digital asset to quickly increase your modeling process and make your infinite changes consistently. The threads UV mapping , Beg texture and imported into the …

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What you’ll learn Cover the most basic form of 3D Rigging which is linking or parenting. How to modify the pivot point of an object. Learn about groups and how to utilize them. Bone objects, what they are and why they are so useful. The benefits of working with inverse …

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Udemy – Line Art Master

Udemy – Line Art Master Welcome to  Line Art Master . My name is Hardy Fowler and I am a professional illustrator and concept artist. I’m calling all artists out there with a passion for drawing, from beginners to professionals, if you want to take your work to new heights and learn the …

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This course is taught keeping interior designers, architects , product designers , mechanical engineers and all those who want their models to look realistic. All the commands are taught considering that you are beginner and have no idea of rendering process. First Five sections are about basics. We are covering …

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Udemy – SolidWorks 2018 for Beginner

Video сourse: Udemy – SolidWorks 2018 for Beginner What you’ll learn Use SOLIDWORKS to design/draft your next innovation Requirements SOLIDWORKS SOFTWARE 2018 PC and Desire for Learning Basic Computer Knowlegde Description SOLIDWORKS is a complete 3D Modeling Software and CAD Product Design solution. Find out why you should design with …

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Udemy – Fundamentals Of Character Design From Concept to Vector

Video сourse: Udemy – Fundamentals Of Character Design From Concept to Vector Learn Character Development, Process, Approach, Digitization and Turnarounds. Learn How to Create Iconic Characters Hey, everyone! Welcome to my class “Introduction to Character Design – From Character Development to Digitization and Turnarounds”. Characters are everywhere and they are …

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