Lumion 9.3.1 Pro Full Licence

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This version is quite similar to the original. No changes are made to your system, and you will not be connected to any external server that may be malicious (like the Chinese version of the crack). Only the full Lumion 9.3.1 cracked version.

Top new features in Lumion 9

  • Sky Light 2 and Real Skies (Pro)
  • Customizable 3D Grasses (Pro)
  • Atmospheric Rain and Snow (Pro)
  • Furry materials (Pro)
  • New materials
  • New objects
  • LiveSync for Rhino and Vectorworks
  • Updated OpenStreetMap
  • Lean scene-building workflow
  • Save groups
  • Intuitive object placement
  • Instant object focus
  • Import edges
  • Automatic file recovery


 Lumion 9 comes with HDRI Real Skies. Select one and watch as it works together with the updated Sky Light effect to cast a new light on your design, placing it in an evocative context with a stunning backdrop.


Sky Light 2 and Real Skies
(Real Skies are Pro only)

Instant, beautiful skies to take your breath away. With 39 Real Skies and their pre-configured Sky Light settings in Lumion 9, it takes a single click to give your design the perfect clear blue morning, stormy afternoon or unforgettable sunset.

Change the sky and your design’s entire lighting changes with it, putting you within reach of an awe-inspiring render in literally seconds.


Customizable 3D Grass
(Pro only)

Spice up your landscape designs and add a variety of realistic grasses to your parks, gardens, lawns and any other surfaces with the new Customizable 3D Grass materials in Lumion 9.

Atmospheric Rain and Snow
(Pro only)

Express the real feeling of your designs with the new Atmospheric Rain and Snow. With just a click, you can create everything from the light drizzle to a full-blown downpour, the winter flurry to a whiteout blizzard. The Atmospheric Rain and Snow is located under the Precipitation effect in Photo and Movie mode.


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  1. I want to buy version 9.3.1 Euro. Are there any errors or installation problems?

    I want to check if it is installed properly.

      1. Lumion checks the license from the Internet with the Internet connected to the license checking process every time you exit after using the program.

        Most of the crack versions are disconnected from the Internet and forced to terminate the program, so every time you use the program again, you write a serial number again and again.

        1. What I want to know is the same as the genuine product, I wonder if the license certification passes with internet connection at every program exit.

        2. this licence work same orginal …. dont need to enter serial every ones … just open and exit it same orginal …. you need internet for that

  2. I want to ask this version can sync with revitalize also …?
    And if I buy iT from here … it work good , and for any reason if my pc system down I can use program again or I have to buy it again ..?

  3. Hi, is it a real license or it is cracked with a license? (Not problem if cracked, just want to know to see if buy one and use instead of my cracked 9.0.1)
    Also, can I install it on my desktop and laptop or will need to buy 2?
    Regard! Love this portal, got a lot of Textures and Models!!!

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