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Asset Store – ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.6 v.1.2

ArchVizPRO Interior for Unity : In this project for a house Scandinavian style with full details and high quality ball from the Unity Asset for users softball maker already have, this project includes a house quite normal in every respect and with furniture and details very high This project includes virtual reality VR …

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This brush kit archive have containing a models of Chinese style. the total number of objects 53. The model is designed for 3d / 2d sketches and game projects. All objects are triangulated views or decimation. To use the objects in the game workflow you should make a copy of …

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Create the overpopulated metropolises of sci-fi dystopias or the more realistic, overcrowded ghettos and shantytowns of a not-so-distant future for the largest cities in the world today. Inspired by the ungoverned, crime-ridden Kowloon Walled City, this kit’s plethora of vertical buildings, slum mega blocks, favelas, and highly-detailed prop pieces from …

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Gumroad – Painting a Desert City in Photoshop

  With this training, architectural design company Gumroad , the next two periods coach Stephane Richard Wootha, using the design environment and architecture in Photoshop to learn. Let’s start with a simple compositesurface , learn how to make your rendering more confident and teach us to use a good way to organize the design and process of painting. This training course is provided by the software maker for you, dear users, and ready …

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