3D Models

3D-Print Models Bundle 1 November 2023

Hi-detail printable 3d-meshes collection.

Format: STL | 134 files | 93.3 GB


2B Nier Automata by Rafaela Mello
3DArtGuy Pack
Aquaman Undersea Throne
Aurora Vanguard pin up 0002 and Demon
Azrael Supreme Grandmaster
Baby Rancor Chibi
Batgirl Arkham Knight
Battlegroup 1983 – The Warsaw Pact
Beauty and the beast
Beyond The Veil by Adaevy Creations
Biobreed Studios – Shadowcat and Lockheed
Biobreed Studios – Sleepwalker
Bite the Bullet – Bullet Hell Heroes Pt.2 October 2023
Black Widow Collectible Edition
Blackrock Miniatures – Ultra Fancy Vanguard Vindicator
Blue Spray – Fumikage Tokoyami
Blue Spray – Nami One Piece
Blue Spray – Oliver Atom – Tsubasa Ozora
Blue Spray – Tengen Uzui
Ca 3d Studios – Alita
Cardoso 3d Studio – She Hulk
Chagarin – Sexy Ghost
Christmas Major from Unit 9
Chuya Factory – Hollow Knight
Chuya Factory – Umaru Chibi
Chuya Factory – Yoimiya
Cobra Commander GI Joe
Commando Rocket Launcher
Corgi Explorer
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Cult of the Ancient Serpent by Adaevy Creations
Darius League of Legends
Deadpool Mask – Faceshell with 6 no hearts
Death Trooper Bust
Draco Studios – Dragonbond Pack
Dunes Master
E.S Monster – Ryuko
Elster and Ghoty
Eri Bakugou Costume
Extra Guy Pack
Fan Art – Spawn Wings of Redemption Statue
Fanart New b Komachi
Fu Xuan
Galactic Armory – Durge Helmet and Tech Data Pad and Caij Vanda Blaster
Gambody – Batman Ninja vs Joker Dragon
Gambody – RoboCop 1987
Garnet Steven Universe
Gaz Minis – Bounty Hunters FW4 October 2023
Ghost Squirtle
Goku lunch
Goku vs Moro
Great Grimoire – Cursed in Stone September 2023
Green Lantern Samurai
Halloween Charmander
Helena and Lexie
Hinata Hyuga
Infinity Ultron – What if Series
Iron Kirby and Island of Misfit Toys – Sam the Snowman
Jack And Sally
Jean Grey and Emma Frost
Jellymon Digimon Comission
Jinx Arcane
Jojos Bizarre Adventure
Julles Modelado – Jeepers Creepers
Jurassic Park Diorama Triple Pack
Kagyu and Burondi
Karlach Cliffgate
Kinky Tier
Kon Zaraki
Kuton Figurines – Memories of the Void seeds
Little Big Head – Casper The Friendly Ghost
Little Big Head – Silent Hill Nurse
Love Death – Skull Decor
Marco Art – Cardcaptor Sakura
Mcdonalds Mom
Messias – Luffy Chibi
Mimikyu Pikachu
Monolith Arts – Lost Souls 2
Monolith Arts – Lost Souls 3
Nami – One Piece
Nation Rodero – Bleach – Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck
Neko Figurines – Lelouch and C.C (Code Geass)
Nerikson – Four Horseman Conquest
Nikko Industries – Daredevil Concept Mask and Daemon Targaryen Helmet
Nympha – Baltimore
Officer Rhu – Centorea
Officer Rhu – Purah
Officer Rhu – Tatsumaki
Orko – Masters of the Universe
Pepsi Chan
Pokemon – Sengoku Greninja
Praetor with power axe
Praetor with power sword
Pumkpin Eevee and Sci Duck
Raven Eye – Victoria seras From Hellsing Anime
Red Dragon
Renji Diorama
RNE Studios December 2022
Sajin Komamura
Sakura Haruno
Samurai Mask v and Goat Mask and Venetian Mask ii and Venetian Mask i
Sanix – Ghost Rider Bust
Sanix – Ghost Rider
Sarah Kerrigan
Sea King and Saitama and Genos
Sin3Dstudio – Aqua
Sin3Dstudio – Filo
Sin3Dstudio – Gravity rush Raven
Sin3Dstudio – Kana
Skullbasaur and Skullivysaur
STATIX STL Workshop – Blob and Toad
Street Fighter Swimsuit Chun-Li NSFW Version
Sylas League of Legends
The Nine-Tailed Fox and Super Warrior
Torrida Minis – Ava
Trainer – Karen
Trainer – Phoebe and Will
Vegetavs Cell
Vengeancestudios – Pirates of the Caribbean diorama
Venom Snake Bust
Wicked – Dracula Sculpture
Wicked – Jason Statue
Wicked – Scarlet Spider Bust
Wicked – Wolverine VS Sabretooth Diorama
Woody And Forky
Zana the Rogue
Zealot By Creative Geek MB

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