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RGGEDU – COMMERCIAL HAIR RETOUCHING WORKFLOW Retouching hair is an advanced skill and poses a constant challenge for even the top commercial retouchers. Hair is complex by nature. It can be fine, thick, corse, smooth and often out of focus. In over 10 years of high end commercial retouching, Sef …

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Everything you thought you knew about retouching is about to change. Throw out your old way of thinking about products, surfaces and subjects and prepare yourself for something new. Get ready to take on any texture: skin, reflective surfaces, fabric and more. _Part 10 – Recreating Surfaces – Tablet is …

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RGGEDU – Lightroom Workflow & Processing – Chris Knight

Many interested photographers go to the Lightroom to create an optimal workflow. While they do not fully understand their tools, their skills with this program will not be developed for photographers who control their retouching software. In this training course, we will be accompanied by Chris Knight, a professional portrait photographer working …

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RGGEDU – Creative Photoshop Techniques With Renee Robyn

For composite photographers, images are created only through imagination. Dreaming like images with unbelievable realism can be made from a series of different, often unrelated, components. Rhine Riban is known around the world for his ability to restrict Photoshop to unique composites. In this purely educational production, Renee trains his process …

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RGGEDU – Capture One Pro 9 Tutorial For Photographers

Learn Capture One Pro 9 For Photographers Capture One Pro is a 101-step series designed for photographers and retouchers to help you learn the most efficient RAW and workflow post-production applications available today. Capture One Pro is considered to be the industry’s leading software and continues to provide professionals with …

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