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Corona Renderer 2.0 for 3ds Max 2013-2019 + Material Library – FREE Download

Corona Render

Just in case you missed our announcement about that in 2017, we want to remind you that we have changed how we number our releases. Every release of Corona Renderer brings with it many new features and major improvements, and we realized that we really should never have used a “point numbering” system. We decided now it was time to bite the bullet, throw out the old point numbers, and switch to naming each release with a whole number increase!

That means this release is Corona Renderer 2, and not Corona Renderer 1.8. Our next release will be Corona Renderer 3. We will continue to release minor fixes and vital updates as hotfixes in between main versions, if necessary.

Some of the highlights:

Heterogeneous media rendering (Phoenix FD, FumeFX, OpenVDB, new “Inside Volume” mode in the CoronaVolumeMtl)
Compatibility with VRayMtl and VRayLight even without V-Ray installed (for assets from V-Ray 3.60 or later; assets from earlier versions may work, but not guaranteed)
Over 110 new materials in the Material Library, plus Real World Scale and Triplanar used wherever possible
Advanced bokeh effects: Center Bias, Vignetting, Anisotropy
Corona Official Toolbar

This installation guide is written.

  1. Disconnect the Internet
  2. Install the plugin
  3.  Cut to Patches \ Corona Renderer folder and copy Corona_Release.dll file to the following paths and replace them with the original file.
  4. C: \ Program Files \ Autodesk \ 3ds Max 201X
  5. C: \ Program Files \ Corona
  6. Cut the path to the Patches \ Image Editor path and copy the CoronaImage.exe and CoronaImageCmd.exe files and replace the original file with the following:
  7. C: \ Program Files \ Corona
  8. Run Write_token-3dsmax.bat file in the download folder
  9. Enjoy the plugin 🙂

To install the material library, add the plugin to the material library next to the corona install file and then install it automatically install the library.

There’s no Legacy version anymore.
For some idiots: “Software updates available until: 2019-02-19” DOESN’T mean that Corona will stop working after that date, read this message again… BOX license cannot be expired and in fact that date is pointless.

 Download size: 300 MB

Download Corona Renderer 2.0 Plugin for 3ds Max 2013 to 2019 – New

Download MaterialLibrary Material Library for Corona Renderer 2.0 – New

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