Schoolism – Procreate with Nikolai Lockertsen

Schoolism – Procreate with Nikolai Lockertsen
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When touchscreen smartphones and tablets were invented, the first thought that we as artists had was probably, “How can I draw with this?”
In this class, I am excited to share with you my tips and techniques for drawing and painting in Procreate, an app that I have been using exclusively for my work since 2012. The days of Procreate being “that iPad drawing app” are over. The Procreate that we know today is a powerful drawing program that happens to be mobile.
I will teach you how to draw, paint, and sketch in Procreate, make amazing custom brushes, and animate! With this class, I hope to make one of my favorite programs more accessible to a new generation of users!

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Procreate
I love Procreate! It’s convenient, powerful, and easy to use if you know how. I will assume you’re new to the program so in my first lesson, I will explain the menus, brushes, and other features that I find the most useful in my own work.
Lesson 2 – Brushes
Brushes need and deserve their own lesson, so here I will show you how to create a wide variety of custom brushes. We will look at the power under the hood of the Procreate brushes and how they all work. Procreate ships with a ton of great brushes for you to explore and we will tailor the settings to make each of them your own.
Lesson 3 – Sketching Creatures and Characters
In this lesson, we will talk about sketching in Procreate, and I will share some techniques for drawing creatures and characters efficiently, accurately, and quickly using Procreate’s onboard features.
Lesson 4 – Color and Details
Carrying on from the previous lesson, we will now examine techniques for applying color and details to our sketch using both default features and custom brushes (including four bonus brushes of my own creation).
Lesson 5 – Perspective
Perspective often eludes even experienced artists, especially when it’s a complicated setup. In this lesson, I will help you understand 1-, 2-, and 3-point perspective in a variety of scenarios.
Lesson 6 – Interiors
Carrying on from our lesson on perspective, we will now look at painting interiors. I will show you techniques for using blend modes such as overlay, and how to adjust color, brightness, and contrast using curves.
Lesson 7 – Exteriors
Exteriors require some different considerations from interiors. In this lesson, we will talk about techniques for creating cool vegetation. I will also share my tips for using the selection tool to create patches to paint in.
Lesson 8 – Animation, Part 1
The last feature that Procreate has which I love is animation! Even if you’re not trying to get into animation, knowing how animating works will help you design for TV, movies, and games. Plus, it can be a fun thing to put into your online portfolio. In these last two lessons, I will focus on the Procreate tools that allow us to animate, starting with something small.
Lesson 9 – Animation, Part 2
In my final lesson, we will now look at how to animate something more complicated: character movement. I will start by showing you a small animated film I made, breaking it down and explaining how I did it: from coming up with the idea, designing the character, painting the environment, making the animatic, and progressing to the final result.

I will show you how to make a character walk cycle, from rough sketch to final colored and lit animation using techniques to transform, warp, and liquify the proportions of the character.


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