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PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle July 2021

PBR Game 3D-Models Bundle July 2021



9K32 Strela missile launcher
Antique meatgrinder – Hobart
Armored skeleton
Army Man Trooper
Barret Military Radio
Beretta M92A1
Car engine Scania
Christian Ferrari Vintage Radio
Coffee Grinder
Compact Assault Rifle
Cora Harper Nude – Mass Effect Andromeda
Cyberpunk Skater Girl
D15 Companion Drone
Difference Engine
Dwarf Physician
Electric guitar Shabby Kai
explosive enemy bug
Fallout 10mm Pistol
fallout 4 Deathclaw
Fantasy Girl
Flak 88 Anti-Aircraft Gun
Flashbang Grenade
Futuristic Crossbow Concept
Gadget – Paragon
Ganesh Statue
Gas Meter
Gatling gun
German U-Boat Deck Gun
Giant statue
Golden Armor
Harry Potter desk
Heinkel He 111 WW2 Bomber
Heracles TS
HMMWV Ambulance
Honda RS125R
Hunters bag
Industrial Pump
Infusion Syringe Pumps
Johnny Cage – Mortal Kombat 11
Kamael EDMF Festival
Kano – Mortal Kombat 11
KCD – Theresa Nude
Knight girl
Kriss Vector SMG
Lexi T’Perro Nude – Mass Effect Andromeda
Liberator Mk3 Shotgun
London Phone Booth
Lt. Belica – Paragon
M1083-A2 FMTV
M117 750lb Bomb
M23 Haytham – Light Skirmisher
M249 para
Madison Square Park Playground
Military exoskeleton glove
Military Helicopter low-poly (Blend)
Military radio
Miners Helmet
Moto Glove
Muriel – Paragon
New Balance
Nike Air Max 98
Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber
Oil pump
Old Radio
Old Soviet Hammer
Old Traffic Light
Paladin CheyTac
Parking Ticket Machine
PGM Hecate Sniper Rifle
Pirate Loki
Pistol Caliber Carbine
Polo Shirt
Portable synthesizer
Post Apocalypse Scifi Rifle 1
Post Apocalypse Scifi Rifle
R9 Revolver
Racer Gloves
Raider Pilot
Russian Grenade RGD33
Scorpion (Ninja Costume) – Mortal Kombat 11
Shotgun Model 11 Remington
Sonya – Mortal Kombat 11
Soviet soda machine
Special Forces Warrior
Steampunk Pipes 3D Kit
Stylized Yeri from RedVelvet
Sub Zero – Mortal Kombat 11
Suzuki GSX R1000R 2019
Tektronix 2235 Oscilloscope
The old and dusty keyboard
total station theodolite
Trench Raider Bust
TrinityRail Tank Car
Triumph Street TripleR 2014
U-94 Udar
Urban Utility Vehicle
Vespa 50s
Vulcan Bullet
Walther WA2000
Warrior Priest
Webley Revolver Mk IV
Weyland-Yutani Cap
Zinx – Paragon
ZIS -151 Old Soviet Vehicle


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